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Tourist agency Sunny Step j.d.o.o. – General business terms

1. Subject of the Contract

The subject of this contract is the arrangement of mutual relations between the Sunny Step j.d.o., travel agency, Bičići 2b, HR-52207 Barban, OIB: 95661370687, ID-CODE: HR-AB-52-130055780, Tel. 00385959031551 or 0038598382258, e-mail: (hereinafter referred to as SUNNY STEP) on behalf of and on behalf of the owner of the accommodation unit, and of the accommodation user (hereinafter the guest) on the other hand,

2. Reservation

 The agreement between the guest and the SUNNY STEP enters into force with the guest’s binding reservation (oral, written or electronic). From that moment on, the rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties are governed by these General Business Terms and Applicable to the Guest and the SUNNY STEP. The reservation confirmation will be delivered to the guest in electronic form immediately. In case the booking confirmation differs from the required reservation, the customer confirms the acceptance of the terms stated in the confirmation in the payment of the received reservation. SUNNY STEP may, without obligation, accept any special request or request, but SUNNY STEP is not legally binding and such a request will only be met if SUNNY STEP is issued a written confirmation.

In the event that payment arrangements have not been made in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.3, the reservation may be canceled, without the obligation of SUNNY STEP to the guest.

3. Prices and Payment Terms

 3.1 Accommodation price

 Prices posted on the website are expressed in EUR and refer to the price per day per accommodation unit per period. The published prices are valid from the moment the information is updated on the website. In accordance with Article 3.4 on price changes, the applicable price is applied at the time of booking. Any additional services requested by the guest (eg extra cleaning, bicycle rental, boat rental) are not included in the price and should be paid on site to the person responsible for the property’s keys and guest reception.

The minimum length of stay depends on the object and the object is shown on the website of the facility. Minimum stay is 4 nights. The day of arrival / departure is Saturday, unless otherwise specified and agreed with the owner of the object. Prices of accommodation (IN CASE OF DESCRIPTION IS NOT INCLUDED) include: normal consumption of electricity, heating in winter and air conditioning in the summer period, water consumption, gas consumption, final cleaning, bed linen, bathroom towels, registration of stay, internet, air condition and sojourn tax.

3.2 Payment

Regardless of whether the reservation was made directly by a guest or by mediation agency, upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the guest / agency is obliged to pay a 40% advance within a maximum of 7 days, making the booking definitely confirmed. The balance of the full amount is paid no later than 30 days prior to arrival and commencement of the reserved service. For bookings made within 29 days prior to the start of use of the accommodation service, the entire amount of the reservation should be paid within 24 hours.

Payment of reservations made within 29 days prior to commencement of use of the service must be confirmed by a written confirmation (e-mail) on the payment made.

3.3 Cancellation and reservation changes

Should the guest cancel the reservation, the following cancellation charges will be charged:

Cancellation of reservation made up to 40 and more days before arrival: 100% of the advance payment returned

Cancellations made between 39 and 29 days prior to arrival: 50% of the total amount of the reservation is charged

Cancellation of the reservation made between 28 and at least 1 day before arrival: 90% of the total amount of the reservation is charged

Cancellation on the day of arrival or NO SHOW: 100% of the total amount of the reservation is charged

The date of cancellation is considered to be the date when the booking cancellation notice was received. In case of default or unannounced late arrival, SUNNY STEP will retain the total amount of the reservation.

Upon request of the guest, reservations may be made in the sense of changing the terms, facility, type of accommodation or the name of the person. In the event that a guest can find another guest as his replacement in the same period, for the same price and under the same conditions, SUNNY STEP will immediately send, upon written receipt of all necessary information about the new guest, a lease agreement to the new guest and will send him / her a written confirmation about that. An advance payment has already been received and SUNNY STEP is retained, and the new customer is required to pay the rest of the total accommodation price, depending on the pre-selected payment method that forms an integral part of the contract.

3.4 Changing the price

When choosing our facilities, special attention is paid to the description of the services and the price calculation. However, despite this, we are unable to exclude the possibility of changing services and prices. In case of such a change the guest will be informed at the time of booking or no later than the confirmation of the reservation. Items on booking confirmation are final. It is unlikely that changes will be made after booking confirmation, but we can not completely disable this possibility. If significant changes still occur, the guest has the right to waive the agreed booking without charge, within 7 days of receipt of the notice. Already paid payments will be refunded. SUNNY STEP reserves the right to correct prices up to 30 days prior to departure due to the increase or introduction of fees or taxes on certain services, or significant changes in the exchange rate after booking. The guest is entitled, in case of a change of price greater than 10%, to waive the agreed reservation under the same conditions as in the previous paragraph.

4. Accommodation

SUNNY STEP’s accommodation facilities include facilities owned by our contractual partners – private and legal entities whose SUNNY STEP account places capacity on the tourist market.

4.1 Number of persons

The accommodation units from our offer are allowed to accommodate only the maximum number of persons listed in the description of the booked accommodation unit published on the SUNNY STEP web site. The same goes for children, regardless of their age, where there is an exception in the case of facilities which specify that it is expressly permitted to bring another child of up to 4 years without a surcharge. Guests are kindly requested to note this fact when booking accommodation.

At the same time, it is forbidden to set up a tent or camping-house on the land that belongs to the object.

In the case of exceeding the maximum number of persons or setting up a tent or caravan on the property’s land, the owner of the facility may charge overpayments to him for a certain fee per person, or the overdose may be removed from the property or ordered to be removed from the tent or caravan. In case the guest does not comply with this order, the property will be all away, without the possibility of refunding the paid amount.

4.2 House Order

Each object has its own home queue that is placed in a visible place and is available to the guest. Guests are required to abide by house rules. Failure to comply with the rules stated in the Home Rule is considered to be a serious breach of the terms of the contract, in which case the owner and / or SUNNY STEP have the right to terminate the lease, which comes into force immediately without notice, and the guest is obliged to leave the property permanently with all to persons staying there within 2 hours, and he has no right to claim a refund of the price paid by the owner or SUNNY STEP.

4.3 Pets, Insects and Allergies

Despite the thorough cleaning and maintenance of our facilities, it will sometimes be possible to find the insect or mouse that has been injected from its natural habitat where the house is located. SUNNY STEP may not be held liable for any of the following. Although pets are not allowed in all facilities, this does not mean that a pet has never been in the booked facility. SUNNY STEP assumes no responsibility for allergy reactions of guests in individual facilities.

4.4 Noise

When selecting facilities from our offer, we always take care to choose objects located in a good, safe and peaceful environment. However, we are not able to guarantee that noise will not be available during the guest’s stay because we are unable to affect conditions such as traffic noise, noise from a nearby construction site, etc. Neither the landlord nor the SUNNY STEP can be held liable for noise coming from the environment.

4.5 Pool

In the case of an object with a pool, the customer is obligated to abide by any advice from the owner of the object or SUNNY STEP for safety reasons. Pool usage is solely at your own risk. Children are allowed to move in the pool area solely in the presence of an adult. Pets are only allowed to enter the pool.

4.6 Accommodation units

Numerous facilities such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, microwave ovens, DVD players, TVs, satellite receivers, telephone, internet connection, pool etc. are available to guests in our many facilities. Guests can make use of the SUNNY STEP assumes no liability if such a device is unplanned and stops working during your stay. This also applies to sanitary appliances and installations.

4.7 Arrival and Departure Time; shortening or extension of stay

Once the entire amount of the reservation has been settled, travel documents will be provided to the guest that confirms that he is a legitimate user of the booked accommodation. Travel documents include: a voucher, a route description indicating the exact way to arrive at the booked accommodation and a correct notice where it can take the keys of the booked accommodation. The guest is encouraged to pay attention to the contact numbers of the phone in order to be able to contact the owner of the object in the destination.

Upon arrival, the guest is obliged to hand over the travel and personal documents to the person who will hand over the keys to the house / apartment, make a residence permit and immediately return the personal documents. The estimated time of arrival / departure is indicated in the travel documents. Arrival is required between 14:00 and 20:00, while departure time is usually until 10:00. If arrival is not possible until 20:00, the guest is obliged to notify SUNNY STEP or the person in charge of the keys with whom he will arrange the possible takeover of the keys. If a guest wishes to extend his / her stay, he or she is requested to contact SUNNY STEP or the owner of the property in a timely manner, which, if the term is free, will be happy to extend the reservation.

4.8 Provision of replacement accommodation and cancellation of reservation by SUNNY STEP

In exceptional cases due to unpredictable or unavoidable circumstances, SUNNY STEP can provide the guest with the appropriate replacement of the same value and quality. SUNNY STEP is authorized to cancel the reservation before or during the period of use of the accommodation, in the event of unpredictable or unavoidable circumstances that prevent the use of accommodation, endanger the guest or the accommodation facility or reduce the quality of the service until the level becomes unreasonable to provide the contracted services. In this case, the guest will be refunded the amount of payments already made, minus already used services. Neither of the cases mentioned in this article SUNNY STEP is required to pay compensation to the guest.

5. Other guest’s obligations

During his stay, the guest is required to use the property and equipment of the owner of the property with due care. In addition, their behavior must be adjusted in a way that does not disturb other guests, neighbors and hosts. In the event that the customer does not comply with the rules of the house order after the warning, he loses the right to a reserved accommodation and is obliged to leave it without charge. Any damage or defect caused by or caused by a guest should be reported immediately to the person responsible for the keys or SUNNY STEP. In this way damages and defects will be removed immediately, not diminishing the quality of stay. The guest is responsible for the loss or damage caused solely in case he can not prove that he or she is not responsible for it. The same applies if the accommodation unit, due to damage, dirt or equipment defects can not be handed over to the next guest. Loss or damage will be charged to the owner of the property by the guest on the spot.

6. Complaints, claims for damages

It is the duty of the guest to conscientiously handle the accommodation unit and its inventory. The guest must return the accommodation unit upon his departure in the same condition as the same when he was taken over. In case the condition in the accommodation unit is not in accordance with the reservation, the guest must inform the person responsible for the keys immediately. In the event that any irregularities that were apparent are not reported immediately upon arrival, the unit will be considered to be relinquished to use in a fully-functioning condition. If irregularities arise during the stay, the duty of the guest is to proceed in the same way. In the event that the owner or person responsible for the keys is unable to correct the deficiency in a reasonable time, the guest is obliged to notify SUNNY STEP. If a guest leaves the facility alone or finds another accommodation without giving SUNNY STEP the opportunity to resolve the cause of his dissatisfaction or to offer him the appropriate replacement accommodation, the guest will be entitled to compensation regardless of whether the reasons for his departure were justified or not. Claim for damages must be submitted to SUNNY STEP in writing within 2 weeks of the end of the accommodation, with supporting evidence (photographs, confirmation by the person responsible for the keys, testimonies, etc.). Complaints invested after the expiration of the 2-week deadline will not be taken into consideration. We emphasize that it is in the interest of the guest to act in good faith and to express his / her will to resolve the complaint during his / her stay and to send his written complaint to the owner of the facility on the spot and request the written confirmation that he or she has received the complaint. If the guest fails to meet the above conditions, he / she will lose all rights to compensation. SUNNY STEP is obliged to make a written decision on the objection within 21 days upon receipt of the complaint in the manner in which the objection was received (by e-mail, mail or personal delivery to which it will be sent in a written consignment with the return). If necessary for the purpose of collecting information and reviewing the allegations in the complaint, SUNNY STEP may postpone the deadline for a further 14 days, which is to be notified in writing to the complainant’s guest. SUNNY STEP will only address those objections that the guest submits to the proof that he has sent a written complaint to the on-site service provider and that the cause can not be removed on the spot. While SUNNY STEP does not provide a solution, the client waives the mediation of any other person, court institution, or providing information to the media.

7. SUNNY STEP Obligations

SUNNY STEP undertakes to make available to its guests, in the name of the owner, or on behalf of the renter, a neat and clean accommodation unit equipped with the description. In case the accommodation unit does not match the description on the reservation, the SUNNY STEP will do everything to remedy the disadvantages, or to provide the guest with equivalent replacement accommodation of the same value. In the event that this is not possible, it is not realized within a reasonable time, or if the guest refuses to accept the offered alternative accommodation, SUNNY STEP will compensate the guest for any form of impairment if it is indisputably established that it is responsible for it. In the event that a guest, due to the ignorance of SUNNY STEP resulting in a breach of contract, is liable to loss or damage, the SUNNY STEP accepts the liability for damages. The statutory liability of SUNNY STEP is limited to the total cost of accommodation (whereby the claim of all persons involved is paid together) and does not include personal damages and losses such as material and financial losses. SUNNY STEP will not be held liable if loss or damage can be attributed to the following causes:

– Procedures or omissions by the guest or his companions;

– Unenforceable or inevitable omissions of a third party not involved in providing the services specified in the reservation;

– The higher force or events that SUNNY STEP or the person responsible for the keys could not foresee or avoid, in spite of their diligence;

– Use of swimming pools, playgrounds, sports facilities of all kinds (eg tennis or soccer field, fitness centers etc.). Use of these and such content is solely at your own risk;

– Damage and loss due to burglary.

The above conditions apply equally to the non-contractual obligations. SUNNY STEP excludes liability for the procedures of auxiliary staff.

8. Travel Documents

When traveling to the Republic of Croatia, the guest is required to hold a valid personal travel document (depending on the country of origin of the guest’s ID card or passport) for both him / herself and all accommodation users. In addition, it is the duty of a guest to check whether a visa is necessary for his or her entry into the Republic of Croatia or the countries of transit, to comply with the customs and foreign currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the country of transit.

9. Jurisdiction of the Court

The parties undertake to try to settle possible disputes by agreement and, if this is not possible, in the case of a legal dispute, the court in Pazin is competent and the law of the Republic of Croatia is applied.